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Social Media Management

Social media management is the method of making social media posts, optimise the social media post visibility through proper scheduling, analyzing the data of the social media posts and coming up with more interesting and engaging posts based on the social media analysis. 


Why hire a Social Media Manager? Anybody can do social media postings. With just a few clicks on the phone, your post can already be seen in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media. The reason why you should hire a Social Media Manager to make sure that your posts are in line with your brand. You need a social media expert who will study your target market, know which social media they are in, create relevant and proper posts and study the results to be able to do the whole process again, only better. 


Social Media Tools. A good social media manager will know how to handle social media activities, create original posts and develop a strategy for social media that will coincide with the goals of the company – short and long term. And a better social media manager will work with social media tools to optimise the approach, especially in streamlining your social media strategy. 


Here are our top 10 social media management tools: 

  • Sprout Social  
  • Buffer 
  • eClincher 
  • Hootsuite 
  • Sendible 
  • Oktopost 
  • Social Pilot 
  • Agora Pulse 
  • CoSchedule 
  • Crowdfire 


Which Social Media should I use in the UAE? According to Crowd Analyzer, there are 8.8 million facebook users, 4 million linkedin users and 3.7 million instagram users in the UAE. These are the basic social media accounts that you should have in the UAE. 


Social Media Management Agency. You can hire a Social Media Manager to manage you company social media accounts. 1 social media expert should be able to handle all the accounts of the company. Hiring in the company, as opposed to hiring a freelancer, will give the person more accountability. The more focused a person is on a specific job – social media management only – the more the person will improve on this skill and better the results of your campaign. Or you can just hire a company to handle your social media management. 



Social Media Management is perfect for start-up companies as this is an affordable marketing strategy. But this is not just for SME’s. This is also a great tool for branding, keeping the company presence online at a very-cost-effective rate. 

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