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Search Engine Marketing or SEM is one of the most effective ways to advertise your business and generate leads in today’s digital age. You (and I) will most probably “Google it” to find answers to any questions that comes to mind, your target market does too. So, it is most logical to show your brand to the people who are interested in your products. That is where Search Engine Marketing comes in. 


According to live stats at, there is a little over 74,000 google searches per second in 2019. That’s more than 2 trillion per year. 


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is still the best option when it comes to digital marketing. It evens out the digital playing field for small and big companies alike. But with hundreds, if not thousands, of competitors in your location, Search Engine Marketing is your way to get ahead of the competition. 


Some of the most popular Search Engine Marketing platforms are (We’ll tackle Social Media Marketing in another page): 

  • CPC / CPA 
  • Google Adwords (renamed to Google Ads) 
  • Retargeting 
  • Geotargeting 
  • Demographic Targeting 
  • Mobile Targeting 
  • and many more 


Keyword Research is the key to SEO, and so it is also in Search Engine Marketing. You MUST know which keyword terms are used to look for the same products or services that you have on search engines. The most common keywords are usually the most expensive. Long tail keywords are searched less but they are also lesser priced. Depending on the budget, bidding for the keyword can be done accordingly. 



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For Search Engine Marketing, it is best practices to SEO your website first. Search Engine Optimisation is always a priority and SEM will help your SEO in the long run. 


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