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Web Design Mistakes that Cost Your Business

Web Design Mistakes that Cost Your Business

Ever wondered why your website isn’t generating leads or driving traffic? Your website design might be the reason. Some businesses pay more attention to aesthetics than their website’s functionality.

From poor navigation to weak content, here are web design mistakes that your business can correct:

No website plan

Having a website might be important but what is more important is to have a clear website plan. What do you want your website to achieve? It is essential that you have a clear action plan on what you want your audience to do when they reach your website. Do you want them to purchase? Share your website with other people? It is more expensive to redo your website if your existing website doesn’t fulfil your goals. Gather the necessary data for your website before proceeding to design and development.

Large Images & Media Files

Sure, your website should be attractive with vivid images but you must be careful with file sizes. Large images and visuals can affect your website speed resulting in your audience abandoning your website. Over the top designs may all the rage in the past but nowadays, these designs are leaning towards simple and straightforward to accommodate mobile users.

Poor Content

Heard of content is king and context is queen? Keep your audience hooked with highly relevant content. Most businesses failed to update their web pages along with their contact information. Don’t provide obsolete content and keep them updated. If you write your own copy, have someone proofread it.

Not optimized for Search Engine

SEO should come along with your website design. Websites don’t attract traffic alone. They need to be optimized to be positioned higher on SERPs. This is why SEO is imperative when developing your website. Keep your website in check and make sure that they are free from broken links and faulty designs. Don’t lose your possible conversion with broken plugins or site issues. Make sure that all information on your website is correct and updated. The best way to avoid these issues is to evaluate your website. This can be done through customer feedback or QA specialist. You can also use tools to find issues on your web and fix them. You need to be diligent in checking and fixing your website bugs.

No call to action

Besides having vague navigation, websites with no clear call to action don’t see results. This is why it is important to have clear web design plan for guidance. Whether you want to generate leads, drive traffic or increase your brand awareness, it must reflect on your website.


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