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Top Rules to Reintroduce your Brand

Top Rules to Reintroduce your Brand

Rebranding is tricky. You need to decide whether it is a perfect time or if your company needs it in the first place. It is a smart move to rebrand your company if your target audience is changing or if you are catering to a different demographic. Rebranding is more than changing your logo or your name.

Here are crucial rules to remember when trying to rebrand your company:

Have a concrete plan

Maximize your return on brand investment by planning your rebranding strategies ahead. It is essential that you get the approval of your executives first before laying out your rebranding strategies. After all, there’s no sense spending ample time with your strategies only to be rejected by your executive team. Once you get the go signal, assemble your rebranding team. It should be composed of key decision makers and C-suite management.

Gather collateral

Collect existing collateral for the discovery phase of your rebranding. You must understand how you want to position your brand. You must consider the core message, brand personality and competitive advantage of your brand. Once you have come up with these, it is time to move on to the next phase and determine your brand’s identity. You must define the attribute, purpose and personality of your brand.

Listen to your audience

You must also be able to relate your brand both internally and externally. You must ensure that your customers and your organization have a unified understanding of your brand’s core message and purpose. Inform your employees of your rebranding schemes. More often than not, employees are the last people to know about rebranding. It can engender them and cause division among your organization. Make your employees feel that they are part of the organization and include them in your rebranding strategies. Get them involved too.

Be authentic and consistent

This is why it is important that your employees are made aware of the rebranding scheme to minimize using old marketing collaterals and visuals. This creates confusion with your audience. Don’t lose sight of your current customers while you are fetching and encouraging new market. Ensure that everything is on the brand; from your logos, taglines, and corporate colours. Let your office and environment speak volumes of your rebranding,

Plan your launching

Dedicate time and resources to your campaigns and grand launching. Your new look won’t work itself. Stir some noise and make sure everyone in your organization is involved. Plan an internal launching so your employees can have a first-hand experience of your brand’s new look and feel. Employees are strong brand evangelists. It is crucial that you have clear communication with them. Make sure that they are fully aware of your brand’s message and purpose.



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