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 Top Reasons Why Your Website Should be Mobile-Ready Top Reasons Why Your Website Should be Mobile-Ready

Top Reasons Why Your Website Should be Mobile-Ready Top Reasons Why Your Website Should be Mobile-Ready

Having a responsive website is crucial to provide your audience with the ultimate user experience. Responsive design is all about ensuring your website adapts to the screen whichever device your audience is using. Your website must not just look good on tablets and other mobile devices, they must also have user-friendly features.

If your website isn’t mobile-ready yet, the reasons below may help you reconsider:

Check the Statistics

Everyone is on mobile. Mobile searches have grown exponentially over the years. By this year, adults are expected to spend on average of 3 hours and 23 minutes on mobile data according to eMarketer. In a separate study, users spend on average 69% of their media time on mobile devices. Mobile users can access websites wherever they need. Your business should leverage on that need for accessibility by optimizing your website for mobile users. Most businesses are already seeing this need with more than 80% of Top Alexa websites are already accommodating their mobile users.

Improves SEO Efforts

If you want to have a better chance of ranking your website, complement your search engine optimization Dubai with mobile optimization. Responsive websites help increase your rankings in SERPs. Google takes up 96% of mobile search traffic seconded by Yahoo at 2%. Google favours a mobile-ready website over those that aren’t.

Minimizes Web Maintenance Cost

Running two versions of a website is expensive compared to making your website adaptive to both orientations. Creating a mobile responsive website may be expensive at the start but the reduced cost of maintaining two separate websites makes that up. Setting a mobile responsive website takes less time to set up. It is also easier to maintain one responsive website than two different version.

Provides Improved User Experience

Mobile-ready websites offer a seamless experience to your users whereas unresponsive websites typically distort their appearance when accessed on mobile. If your website isn’t mobile ready, designs and images are jumbled and make it a pain for your readers. As a result, your audience won’t likely visit your website again or even recommend it to their friends.

Increase Sales

62% of smartphone users have purchased through their mobile devices. Additionally, 80% of shoppers used a mobile phone when looking for nearby stores, comparing prices and reading reviews. These digits are expected to grow in relation to the growth and affordability of mobile devices.

The benefits of a mobile-ready website are endless. If you want to get a wider reach, improve your sales and provide the ultimate user experience, now is the time to optimize your website for your mobile users.



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