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 Outsourcing Social Media Management: Is it Better than Doing It In-House?

Outsourcing Social Media Management: Is it Better than Doing It In-House?

In a study conducted, social media takes up 57% of the modern sales funnel. Small businesses can leverage on this number and go head to head against big brands. There is no denying the power of social media to your business but the question is, can you handle your social media in-house?

Doing your social media in-house rather than looking for social media marketing companies for small business have advantages but you have to consider the following factors:


Social media management is a time-consuming task. It doesn’t end once you upload your post. You have to curate relevant content, schedule them and engage with your followers. To add to that, you have to manage different platforms whose audience have different behaviours. This is where hiring social media specialists become convenient since they can act on your behalf and unburden you with these overwhelming tasks. This means that you can focus more on your business without ignoring your customers.


While there is no size fits all formula for social media management, specialists have the expertise and experience to build customized strategies for your business. If your in-house team has the experience and skills to personalize a strategy based on your branding and marketing goals, then there’s no reason outsourcing your social media management. However, if you have zero knowledge on strategizing, then you can leave it to the expert. It is their duty to keep updated with the latest trends and opportunities around the web.


No one knows your business and brand than you do. This is why conducting your social media management in-house can be a good idea. However, if you decide to hire a third party to manage your social media account, look for seasoned ones. Ask for customized social media plan along with their strategies. These experts have worked with different brands. They know what kind of content and the best time to post them based on your brand.

Expenses and Resources

Do you have the tools and resources to manage your social media in-house? Social media experts aren’t necessarily cheap with some agencies asking for hefty price tags. Of course, you typically get back what you invested in your agreed targeted time. Doing social media on your own doesn’t cost you a penny, save for boosted and sponsored campaigns.

Social media management is an essential part of a business. Whether you want to do it in-house or hire a third party agency, it is important that you know your goals and nurtures your followers.



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