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Incentivize Customers During the Holidays

Incentivize Customers During the Holidays

The holidays are the best time to provide incentives, retain existing customers and attract new consumers. This season is the best time to increase your brand engagement and enjoy revenue growth using these tips:

Offer Special Promotions
Consumers expect brands to provide special offers during the holidays. Use this time to recognize your customers’ loyalty by giving out promo codes or special offers. Incentives work best with a deadline. Incentives can be in the form of free shipping or gift cards. You can offer free shipping for a certain amount to increase spending. Gift cards are also a good way to improve sales. Most recipients that use gift cards end up spending 20% more than the value of the card. Promo codes are trackable which makes it easier for you to evaluate your ROI from your special offers.

Use Social Media
Leverage on this powerful tool and spread the words out there. Use your social media accounts to announce your promotions and special offers. This will increase your online engagement. Increase the anticipation by running a contest within a specific timeframe. Ask your followers to like and share your page in return for an exciting product or service. Don’t forget to use hashtags wisely.

Create Holiday-themed Content
Send out holiday cards to your consumers. Create holiday-themed landing pages and advertise on social media outlets. Be creative with your content. You can come up with video content or use this time to come up with user-generated content. Ask your followers for cool videos to get a chance to win exciting freebies.

Re-engage with your Customers
Shoppers are more encouraged to buy during the holidays. Use this opportunity to engage with users you have lost connection with your brand. Use special offer to target disengaged users. Give them extra percentage or update them with the events and changes in your brand since they left.

Give Back to your Loyal Customers
Your loyal customers are the lifeblood of your brand. Take time to determine your loyal customers and reward them accordingly. Since these customers are already engaged with your brand, it is not hard to generate content from them. You can also incentivize them by running a referral promotion. You can reward customers every time they refer a shopper to your website.

Create a Gift Guide
It is easy for your consumers to get lost in the sea of gifts. You can ease their stress by offering a gift guide to tick off their list. Make your website consumer-friendly by categorizing your products in time for holiday season.
The holidays are the perfect time to capitalize on gift-giving. What better way to do this than to incentivize your customers?


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