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How to Step Up Your Social Game this 2018

How to Step Up Your Social Game this 2018

Social media is a powerful tool that can generate sales into your business. However, having social media accounts alone with sporadic posts won’t cut it. If you want to succeed in your campaigns, here are ways to step up your social media game:

Make use of paid advertisement

Add value to your content by leveraging on social marketing. Increase your audience by boosting your content via paid or sponsored advertising. Amplifying your brand should be different than amplifying certain offers and promotions. Don’t just promote your company or non-value promotions. Highlight top-and middle-of-the-funnel offers social advertising.

Maximize all the social media features

Ensure that your accounts are optimized wherever platform you choose to interact with your audience. Don’t just create an account; make sure that all other elements are present too. Ensure that your contact details are correct and your images are high quality too. Make it a point that you stay on top of these features from enabling chatbots, custom tabs to engaging with different communities.

Vary your content but highlight video

A video is considered the most important strategy of content marketing for good reason. In a survey conducted, 43% of users want to see more video content from marketers. From a marketer’s perspective, 51.9% of those who use video marketing consider this as the best type of content for ROI. You are missing out on big opportunities if your business hasn’t tried using video content on your social media strategies. The first thing you have to learn when featuring video on your accounts is to learn the requirements from video sizes, specs, and dimensions for different platforms.

Personalize content

Offer a targeted experience for your users. Social media capabilities may not be as powerful but knowing how to maximize it can give you the edge. Experiment on different platforms and see what works to engage with your audience. You can also integrate search in your social media strategies to increase your search engine results. Use keywords for your business to get noticed.

Make most of the user-generated content

Engage with your audience's generated content from their end through running promos, conducting surveys and just asking questions. Your audience will participate if you incentivize them in the form of free content, freebies of your products and services. Speaking of free content, your audience expects you to provide them exclusive content promo or offers according to research. Take advantage of this sense of exclusivity by creating content for your followers alone. Offer discounts and promos when they share your content or suggest your page to friends. You can boost your engagement when holding a contest or promotion too.

Take social media offline. Wherever networking events you are headed to, make sure that you maximize your social media interactions offline. Have your marketing collaterals bear your social media pages and accounts so people would know.

If you are planning to revamp your social media strategy, now is the time to do so!



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