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How to Respond to Bad PR

How to Respond to Bad PR

Businesses cannot please their customers all the time and bad reviews can happen even to the best of us. How we handle these negative reactions set us apart and cement our reputation as either having a stellar customer service or stale one.

Here are the ways you can win your customer's hearts even after a bad experience:

Don’t take it Personally

Channel your professionalism all throughout the ordeal. Don’t let your emotion take over. Remember, acting on impulse only worsens the situation. 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. Be courteous at all times. Compose yourself; think the situation through before responding.

Prepare a Template

This is most especially helpful during heated moments. Automating the process allow you to easily respond without seething through “biased” or “personally offending” reviews. Have a template when answering reviews for efficiency. Invest in a service where it notifies you when new reviews are up.

Don’t be Selective

Don’t just let good reviews appear on your website or social media page. Let your audience read bad reviews too. Not responding to negative comments can escalate the problem. It shows that you are not interested in their concern about your business. Respond to their complaints to increase your customer advocacy. It also allows you to set your competitive edge against your competitor.

Respond Immediately

Show that you prioritize their concerns and that you are doing everything to resolve their issues. Don’t just respond to them, elaborate the necessary steps you are taking to address their concerns. It shows that you care about their welfare and you will go out of the way to resolve their issues. Your customers are more likely to recommend your brand knowing your dedication to putting them first above anything.

Use Negative Review to your Advantage

It is hard to see the silver lining when you are ruled by your emotion. Once everything has been said and done, try to evaluate the review and check out how you can improve your operations. Scrutinize the reviews and get insights into the areas that your company might be doing wrong.

Exceed Customer Satisfaction

Incorporate customer care in your policy. Make sure that your employees treat every customer with the intention of exceeding expectation. Remember customer service is scrutinized by the public. Most customers would reach out to social media than calling your business. They lash out online. Rather than exchanging heated arguments, take the situation offline. Reach out to your customer and resolve their issues personally. Once they are satisfied with your business, ask a do-over review to mitigate your PR.


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