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How to Outsource Web Development Projects Successfully

How to Outsource Web Development Projects Successfully

Outsourcing to a web design and development company can be a bit pricey but with the right services, you get peace of mind and efficiency. Finding the right agency allows you to focus more on your business and your customer service.

Here are the best practices to keep your web development projects successful:

Find the Right Agency

Hiring the right company onboard takes off half of your worries. Determine what kind of web development services that you need before seeking out professional services. Some agencies focus on mobile web development, others focus on Drupal web services while most specialize in WordPress. Once you have shortlisted your prospects, assess their previous work and portfolios.

Consider Language Differences

English may be a widely used medium but it is not enough to assume that your web service provider can speak or understand the language. It is best that you check their communication skills to ensure smooth production. Hold an online interview and one on one meeting with your point of contact to minimize possible misunderstanding.

Write it in Paper

Have a contract before starting anything. This is to ensure that the agency will keep its part of the bargain. Doing so allows you to ask for support and documents of your web projects, unlike freelancers who can just bail out anytime without any support during the transition. You can also ask agencies insurance for their services. In this case, you will have financial assurance in case your website crashes. The lack of contract risks disagreements and losses.

Have a Point of Contact

Professional and seasoned agencies will always have dedicated project managers who serve as your point of contact. They oversee the progress of your web projects and keep you in the loop. Expect the project manager to communicate with you. The project manager should be involved with the entire project for a seamless work process and faster conflict resolution.

Set a Schedule

Communication is essential in an outsourced setup. Varied time zone and work schedules can be an issue. However, with the right tools and agreement, you can improve your communication.

Track Progress

It is not enough that you wait for the project manager to update you on the status of your web projects. Ask questions and speak your mind. This will minimize empty promises and under delivery. Your questions allow them to know your expectations and set the pace of the project. Anticipate any possible challenges that you can encounter during the project. Come up with a string of questions that you can ask during your scheduled meetings and consultations. Don’t just settle for proposals. Be assertive and ask.


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