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How to Increase Brand Authority through Social Media

How to Increase Brand Authority through Social Media

Most businesses nowadays have social media presence but not all know how to maximize its benefits. Whether you want to gain subscribers, persuade your followers or sell your products, your audience knows who you are. And what better way to increase your brand authority than to leverage on social media’s reach? Here are ways to increase your brand authority:

Choose the right platform

In a survey conducted by Convince and Convert, 22% of Americans use social media many times in a day which makes it the best media to establish a brand. However, creating accounts on all platform isn’t ideal. Don’t spread your brand too thin and find the right network based on your target audience and the products or services that you offer. By default, your business must have an active Facebook account since it has the power to virtually promote any brand. LinkedIn is suited best if your business serves other businesses. Meanwhile, Instagram and Pinterest are perfect for brands whose trades rely heavily on images.

Listen to your audience

Get a good understanding of your audience’s wants, needs and interests. This helps you provide targeted content. Curate relevant content on your social media apart from your original content. This allows you to have a relevant conversation with your audience.

Invest in Visuals

Social media and visuals go together perfectly. Your brand must focus on stunning visuals if you want to keep your audience engaged. Be consistent with your branding across all your channels to avoid confusing your audience. Consistent visuals allow your audience to immediately recognize your brand. If you don’t handle your social media marketing in-house, have your marketers create templates for your graphics. This is to ensure that your visuals are consistent.

Develop your voice

Your posts must channel your brand’s personality. Are you more of a professional, sales-oriented brand or is your brand leaning towards entertaining yet educational persona? Finding the right voice can be time-consuming but this helps establish your brand. When developing your voice, consider your company culture and your audience. Be authentic when connecting with your audience.

Reach out and engage

Reaching out to your target is essential regardless what platform you choose to establish your brand. Some business mistake optimizing social media with just creating accounts. Doing so defeats the purpose of having a social media presence in the first place. Encourage audience loyalty by interacting with them. You can do this by liking and replying to their comments. Make your audience feel that they are valued and they are most likely to return the favor.

Maximize social campaigns

Paid campaigns can help you reach your target audience and fortify your brand on a network. More and more brands are using campaigns to increase their visibility and generate leads.

Leverage the power of social media and make most of your online presence by employing these tactics.


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